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Our Brighton dating agency was founded by former police detective of exemplary conduct, Tara.  She has a knack of finding great partners for her clients.  Tara has successfully matched hundreds of happy couples who live together, are married, or engaged.  Now she can’t wait to do the same for you.

Tara’s Story

Tara’s own path to finding love was not easy.  Working long hours and shifts as a detective meant she was sleeping whilst most other people were awake.  Her career choice made it harder to meet a partner.  She spent most of her 30s single and suddenly found herself at 40, single, never married, without children.  This wasn’t what she had imagined life would be like for her.  With a variety of different circumstances this can also true for some of our clients.  Often life doesn’t turn out quite how we imagined. 

Online dating was not an ideal choice as a police officer because putting her photograph on there meant her profile was very public.  If there was no photograph, there were fewer hits.  People also seemed keener to have a virtual relationship using virtual pokes, winks and kisses.  If she did manage to get out on a date, more often than not it was clear people were lying about various personal details – age, height, weight and even their relationship or marital status!  There were also the ones that were using online dating for ‘validation’ because they were recently split up and their ex was still very much in the background.  Therefore, any new dates were just counselling sessions, with cocktails. 

Becoming a Matchmaker

After deciding to take a leap of faith and set up a dating agency which brings the personal touch back to dating, Tara has not looked back.  She works with a great team of award-winning dating experts, professionally guiding members through the process and the minefield of dating in the digital age.  Your Matchmaker’s youngest members are in their late 20s and they have many members in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s with success across the generations at finding perfect partners for their members.

For more details go to Meet Tara or to find out more about the Your Matchmaker dating agency service go to How Matchmaking Works

Membership Options and Fees

There are a number of membership options to choose from.  Think about how much you invest in the gym, a home, holidays and nights out, yet you might be leaving the most important part of your life to chance.  If you have been paying for online dating services who charge between £30-£50 per month, you’ve probably racked up a good £600 in a year plus the rest if you have been online dating for years.  You won’t have received a professional photo-shoot, you probably haven’t been on that many dates or if you have they have left you disillusioned, or sent you unwanted photographs of parts of their anatomy. 

We, on the other hand, provide a professional photo-shoot, coaching, an award-winning matchmaker with a proven track record who is passionate about helping members find love.

To find out more about our fees and service options visit Your Membership Options.       

You can also call us direct on 07427 500316

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