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Matchmaking Profile Extracts

See below a selection of extracts from recent matchmaking dating profiles …

Meet T – male early 30s

T is from Surrey and in his early 30s.  He works as a doctor and goes that extra mile for his patients.  His passion is the outdoors and will get outside whenever he can taking long walks with his dog.  He likes skiing, sailing and cycling.  He enjoys cooking at home or eating out with friends and family.  He is looking for someone easy-going and confident, she should have compassion and kindness, be self-motivated and have a great sense of fun.

Our opinion: T is full of enthusiasm about life.  He’s a great guy with a bright future.

Meet G – female early 30s

G is from Sussex and lives near the Surrey/Sussex border.  She is in her early 30s and works in London for an investment bank.  She enjoys her work and gets on well with everyone.  She regularly works out in a gym.  She enjoys live music, cinema and stand up comedy.  She loves the countryside and hiking.  She seeks someone kind and caring with good family values and a great sense of humour.  He should be open to share new experiences and adventures.

Our opinion: G is a lovely person possessing a great sense of fun.

Meet M – male mid 60s

N is a business coach who lives in Surrey.  He regularly works out in a gym, enjoys tennis, squash and the odd round of golf.  He skis a couple of times a year and enjoys sailing in the Med.  He likes dining out, theatre and going for country walks in the Surrey Hills.  M is full of compassion and he gets things done.  He seeks someone who is considerate of others.  She should be willing to share in his life as he would in hers.

Our opinion: N is a charismatic, well accomplished man with a lot to give the right person.

Meet R – male early 40s

R is from West Kent and in his early 40s.  He works as a graphic designer for a large retail chain.  He loves the creative side of his work.  In his free time R appreciates variety whether it be food, fashion, travel or events.  Keeping fit is important to him and he regularly runs, cycles and plays some racket sports.  R is seeking someone in her late 30s/early 40s who has a great sense of humour, who is genuine and kind.  He would like someone to share special moments and adventures with.

Our opinion: R is a lovely guy with a warm personality.  He is definitely someone you will want to see again. 

Meet W – male mid 50s

W is from Surrey and in his mid 50s.  W worked as a bank manager and left to set up his own successful company.  He enjoys running his own business.  In his free time he enjoys cycling and swimming to keep fit.  He is fond of theatre, hiking in the countryside and finding a lovely place for lunch.  He used to play golf and would happily take that up again.  He seeks someone in her late 40s to early 50s who will complement him and she should have a positive outlook on life.

Our opinion: A very charismatic and intelligent man who is a great conversationalist and knows all the good places to take you on a date.

Meet B – female mid 30s

B is from Sussex and in her mid 30s.  She is a HR Director and Consultant.  Health and fitness is important to her and she regularly enjoys hiking on the Downs.  She mixes in a number of circuit training sessions with running.  She loves entertaining, eating out and theatre.  She is a true optimist, romantic and fun to be with.  She is seeking someone to compliment her, someone spontaneous, romantic who she can share new and great experiences with.

Our opinion: B is a very accomplished woman possessing a positive outlook on life. 

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