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I served as a police detective with exemplary conduct.  Most of my 30s I was single which I put down to my choice of career.  I know how hard it can be to find love, even through online dating agencies.  As an award-winning matchmaker of an offline dating agency service I am now recognised as one of the best in the UK dating industry having won the UK Dating Awards in 2015We were then nominated as Finalists at UK Dating Awards 2016 and again at the UK Dating Awards 2017This shows our consistently high standards in a very competitive industry.  I am also a trained and certified matchmaker from the London Matchmaker Academy.  My company subscribes and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics to give you peace of mind.  This is something that other matchmakers may not be able to provide you with.  I work and collaborate with a great team of dating experts who you can read about at Your Team.

Having matched hundreds of clients my success rate for finding them love exceeds 70 percent.  That’s quite high when compared with online dating agency statistics.  

My Online Dating Experience

As a former police detective I know only too well how hard it can be to find someone to share your life with.  I spent most of my 30s single and lonely.  Being in the police force and working shifts is what I believe held me back.  I didn’t think I was a bad catch and I had a good job, nice house, intelligence and a lot of love to give.  But I struggled to find someone to share my life with.  

Internet dating was draining, having to trawl through hundreds of profiles, virtual winks and kisses.  People seemed keener to have an online relationship, emailing back and forth rather than meeting up.  If I did eventually meet up for a date, more often than not I was disappointed.  In some cases people looked completely different to their online photos, which were often 10-15 years out of date.  People lied about their age, height, weight and even their marital status.  Often I found people were on the rebound from a recent break-up.  As a result the date would end up being a counselling session – with cocktails.  

Nothing much has changed with online dating.  In fact it seems to have got worse as online dating has become a breeding ground for romance fraudsters.  UK victims lost over £40m in 2015-2016.  Read more about the cost of online dating fraud.    

Single friends told me that there were no other affordable or safer ways of finding love.  Whilst you cannot put a price on your safety, I do understand affordability can be an issue.  Out of pure passion, drive to change the industry, make matchmaking more widely available, affordable and make dating safer, Your Matchmaker came about.  

I have a great love of working with and helping people from my police detective career. As a matchmaker I work with wonderful people and have matched hundreds of couples who now share their lives together.  There is no greater feeling in the world when you see a happy couple together that you helped find love.      

If you have any questions or are interested in matchmaking then please get in contact with me by email at connect@yourmatchmaker.co.uk or telephone us at 07427 500316. For further information and membership options and fees see Matchmaking Services.

MMA Badge
UKDA Finalist 2016
UK Dating Awards 2015 Best Newcomer
UKDA 2017 Finalist