How to stay connected by staying at home

This piece is written during the COVID-19 outbreak that has shut down half the world and confined millions to their homes.

During these stressful times, it’s easy to feel anxious and restless. Many of you may be without a significant other or unable to see them because of the quarantine or be in a long-distance relationship. The longing to be together or with another person may feel substantially more unbearable. Despite this, there are still ways to reconnect and spend quality time with our loved ones be they friends, partners or family members even when we cannot physically be with them.
For chatting:
Mostly everyone knows about Skype and how great it is to connect with loved ones across the world. This can allow you to video call, voice call or instant message anyone in the world with an account and internet connection.
For watching:
If you both have a Netflix subscription there is a Chrome extension called Netflix Party. This allows you to simultaneously watch anything on Netflix. This extension allows you to fully control Netflix for everyone in your party. Together you can laugh at, cry about and comment on what you’re watching, making it a more meaningful experience.
Similarly, a website called watch2gether does the same thing. However, this allows you to control youtube videos so you can watch your favourite funny cat or baby complications even while thousands of miles apart.
For cooking:
Plan and find a recipe that you both have wanted to try. Buy the same ingredients and video call while cooking it. You can then sit down in front of your laptop or phone and eat it together or while watching your favourite show.
For other hobbies:
Try to include your loved one in your hobby. Even just voice calling while you’re doing it and describing what you’re doing can spark a conversation about it and may lead to an interest in it. This also helps you to feel less isolated and connected when you normally wouldn’t be.
While these ideas aren’t perfect and depend on your internet speed, hobbies and free time, they can help you connect to your loved ones even from across the world.