Overcome your relationship issues for good with a single 90-minute hypnotherapy session

Author: Emily Hall, Rapid Transformational Practitioner and Hypnotherapist of Fresh Forward

For some, getting back into the dating game can be fearful – lack of confidence, worry of making the same mistakes, trouble trusting again – but here, Emily Hall, Rapid Transformational Practitioner and Hypnotherapist explains how just one 90-minute hypnotherapy session can help overcome these issues and leave them in the past for good.

We all crave the thought of being in a loving, stable, happy relationship but we often repeat the same patterns of behaviour causing our relationships to breakdown. And no matter how hard we try we end up making the same mistakes again and again. So why is this?

Well, without knowing where the issue is coming from in the first place it’s really difficult to stop behaving in the same way. For example, a recent client of mine came to see me for her jealousy issues in her relationship with her partner but after only a few minutes of talking it was obvious that her issue was one of not feeling good enough, the jealousy was just a by-product of this. She’d been hurt in the past (reinforcing her belief that she wasn’t good enough) so her jealousy was there pushing her partner away to stop her from getting hurt again. Under hypnotherapy we used regression to go back and find where the not being good enough limiting belief first came from and we fixed these past emotional scenes for good. After which we did some work to rewire this now outdated limiting belief through positive suggestions thus freeing her from her destructive, jealous behaviour. And this is all achieved in one 90-minute session.

Ultimately, our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our actions and our actions create our habits so by changing how we think about ourselves we basically change how we behave. But it’s not easy to do at a conscious level and can take years of therapy because we’re trying to fix an emotional issue with rational thought and in a battle between the emotional mind and the rational mind, guess who always comes out on top? That’s right, the emotional mind. And that’s why this type of hypnotherapy – called Rapid Transformational Therapy – has such phenomenal results because it empowers the client at the subconscious, emotional level to address, and let go of, the trauma they’ve been holding onto for many years as well as rewiring the mind with new, positive beliefs thereby delivering rapid, permanent change.

We spend so much time trying to tackle the wrong issues – weight, how we look etc. – and then we beat ourselves up because we don’t fit the right mould when it’s never actually about those issues in the first place, it’s about healing past trauma to become comfortable with ourselves. Once we resolve the relationship with ourselves we can then go on to have happy, healthy relationships with others.

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