True Love

True Love

I found true love

I got married on 19 May this year, the same day as the Royal Wedding.  I married my prince the same day as Megan married hers and we even had our own palace in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton.  If I can find true love, then so can you.  As I firmly believe there is someone for everyone and all of us deserve love.

Online Dating

For years I was single and spent most of my 30s searching for love.  My career choice did not aid my quest for finding love.  I was a police detective working long drawn out hours, albeit in a male dominated environment, however not everyone was single or available.  The online dating scene was hard work.  There were a lot of time wasters, those who only wanted some online contact and you never got to meet them.  If you did get to meet someone, often they lied about their age, height, weight and marital status on occasions.  Some were only just out of relationships and not available.

Let’s help you

Enough about my past, and let’s talk about my present and how reading this blog might help you find true love.

Before I met my husband – Dave, husband still sounds strange for me, I had an ideal in my mind.  I saw myself with a partner without children from a previous relationship.  I saw us (me and my ideal) getting married, living in a nice house with our lovely children and the white picket fence complete with rose garden, family cat and dog.  The reality was I turned 40 and I was still single!  My chances of having children were slipping away.  I had a few failed relationships behind me and one engagement which I ended.

A slow burn

When I met Dave, I was almost 41 and he was separated with two grown up children and a vasectomy.  I vowed I would never date a smoker or a police officer.  He was also both of those, but happy to say he no longer smokes.  So, I broke all my rules.  Why? Because I simply fell in love with Dave and you cannot control who you fall for.  It was a slow burn though, I did not fall head over heels straight away.  Instead, we became close over a little time and every time we met we got to know a bit more about one another and found the attraction grew to become true love in less than eleven months.

Dave was not someone I would have swiped yes to online and that’s a good thing because clearly my so-called ‘Type’ was not working.  Instead in Dave I found a truly honourable, kind-hearted, respectful man.  I didn’t always like his dress style but that’s arbitrary and shallow as I always say to my clients you should never want to change what’s in someone’s heart and head and that’s what counts.  Wardrobes can be changed with a little help which we all need from time to time.

Dave asked me to marry him on my birthday, Christmas Eve 2016.  We married in May 2018 and it was the best day of our lives.  We celebrated with family and friends. Our honeymoon was idyllic, we sailed the Ionian for three weeks on our own boat.

Love is as individual as you are

True love comes in many shapes and forms and is as individual as you are.  So, throw away your list of must haves as you may well be the reason you are still single, as I was.

I have been instrumental in introducing many couples who now share a life together and I always help them through the maze of their past relationships which helps them open up to meeting someone great just like I did.

Author: Tara Frey (formerly) McDonnell, founder and owner of South Downs Introductions & Your Matchmaker.  Tara is a trained & certified matchmaker from the Matchmaker Academy, London.  She is also a proud award winner at the UK Dating Awards 2015.  

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